Auto Failure

7 Sep

Faith never fails: It is a miracle worker. It looks beyond all boundaries, transcends all limitations, penetrates all obstacles and sees the goal. ~ Orison Swett Marden

I love technology, it allows me to stay connected, to be where I cannot actually be. It is such a gift, making life so much easier.

Until today.

What we have here is Auto Fail!

In order to fully understand the depth of my near panic, until a few years ago money wasn’t an issue in my life. It was a huge adjustment to be on my own. Now it’s to the penny budgeting. Imagine my shock when last night I logged on to my bank accounts; Imagine the panic, as I realize auto-pays paid, auto-deposit not there!

As my stomach began to twist,I know I am to think of my faith. I so wanted to trust God, not let the devil have any foothold yet I was in near panic! Guarding my heart against the attack of the devil, to hear the words of God “trust me now” feels nearly impossible in that moment. I chose to share just that. “I am beyond turning this over right now to you,Lord. Please comfort me in my panic as I struggle to release this all into your loving hands.” I chose to obey God, to believe His promises, to accept that I still felt overwhelming panic. That was the best I had to give. I went to bed and slept, deciding to face my dilema in the morning.

As I opened my eyes this morning, God started to remind me of His words. He will not forsake me. He made promises to me and He will fulfill those promises. I can trust Him. I prayed for a bit, shared my fears with Him, and told Him of my struggle to trust in Him. As I struggle to lean into my faith with all that I am, there is a knowing that He will provide, a reassurance. Choosing to believe His promise to provide me enough is a decision I remind myself of constantly. He will not leave me, He will allow this to be repaired! With that, I came back to address the problem.

All is on its way to being repaired. God provided bandaids to get me through the tough spot, encouragement from friends, and because I believed in His promises, He fulfilled them. He was faithful to the faithful. While this is still being worked out, it is evident that God is working, I haven’t had any overdrafts when I should have. God is just so amazingly loving. He knows my fears as surely as He knows my name. Such a gentle teacher He is, patiently allowing me to feel the fear while He reassured.

“Do not abandon me, O Lord. Do not stand at a distance, my God. Come quickly to help me, O Lord my savior.” ~Psalms 38:21,22 NLT

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