How many times

4 Aug

How did I miss you?

When a detour put me directly in front of someone I miss so much, in a town far from one another, how did I miss my chance to praise you, to see you showing off for us, for gifting both of us with the blessing of such a moment! How did I miss what a complete gift of love that was?

How did I miss you when my car wouldn’t start? I was praying to remain patient, to remain faithful and not worry, praying to have my car start, to make it home…that I missed the unbelievable opportunity to praise you and share your faithfulness by the blessing of the tow truck that just happened to appear in the parking lot. I was thankful but how did I miss the opportunity to be blown away? That you did that for ME!

I thought I got it! I thought I was in TUNED. I was so good about it!

I missed the beauty of your gifts, you were lavishing love on me, pouring down gifts, trying to capture my full attention, I was so busy praying that I missed the reward for my trust, the love you shared.

Instead of dancing on my tiptoes, singing your praises, I was making sure I had people to call on for the drive home, praying all the while.

YOU WERE RIGHT THERE! How did I miss that opportunity to see how much you love me? The favor you showed me?

How often am I so busy being faithful and mindful that I actually miss you? Miss seeing you? Miss your hello’s, your treasures of love notes, your romantic gestures.

Please never stop. I never deserved a single treasure but please, never stop.

God is love. He didn’t need us. But he wanted us. And that is the most amazing thing. ~ Rick Warren

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