This Story

19 Apr

When you find yourself devastated by someone else’s free will, there are steps we as Christians must take. We must take them in order to keep God as our idol. We have to give him the first and the most of this and not the person, the feelings or the fallout.

What does that mean?

First, we must submit to God. He is the authority over all, none is higher or more powerful than He.  Nothing, and I mean NOT ONE THING, comes to us without going through His hands first.  (Jeremiah 1:4-5)

If we are going to trust Him, we must trust in every moment.  One of the hardest parts of being Christian, for me, is to trust in something when I can’t see down the road. I struggle to “let Jesus take the wheel”. Job had to figure out that God was all knowing, and capable of determining his future. Ah. Yes.

When hard times come and we can’t see how it will turn out, our peace is challenged. Our ego is challenged.  Never allow Satan to distract you from where your treasure and hope reside, we do know how this will turn out.

Beloved, write these words on your heart!

Do not give to Satan in fear, what is meant to give to God in obedience. (Trust, faith and hope).

When everything is shattered and you don’t know where the pieces will land and you are terrified,hurting and powerless, just be in that, and submit. Like Job.(Job  42:2, Romans 8:28) )

Pour your heart out to God, Processing this as it comes, will help you from allowing seeds that are not of God, to enter your journey. (Philippians 4:13)

We need to sift the devastation to remove the idol of people and any unforgiveness.

You need to focus on truth. Your battle is not with a person. Your battle is with Satan.

Your devastator is losing their battle with darkness. This truth should remove any opportunity for Satan to start lying to you. Remind yourself that you are still in bosom of God and not lost at sea. God still has you, you are still the apple of His eye. Nothing can change God except for how you perceive Him. That is YOUR free will.

Your devastator is far from God by choice;  lost in sin and destruction. This should break your heart for them, more than for yourself, allowing for forgiveness and compassion over their choices; We should cry out for God to have mercy on their brokenness.

We must guard our hearts against every lie this carnal world will tell us. Do everything you can to forgive the devastating choices they made and the consequences of that.  Pray for them. They are dancing with Satan! Allow that pitiful thought to break your heart far more than the consequence their choice had on you. How devastating is their future? This makes me cry!

You know who has you in the palm of His hand. He is the light on your path. He is your comforter. You have a beautiful inheritance waiting for you.(Psalm 16:5-10)

Let me paint the picture:

There are two boys building a fort together. They have spent countless hours together. They have planned, gathered materials and tools; They are best friends. They are on a mission together. Suddenly, they come to a problem. One boy starts to reassess,  trying to figure out the challenge, issue. He goes inside to ask his dad for guidance. His dad gives them some instructions. While they are working at this the second boy sees another boy walking  by with a baseball bat on his way to the park. The second boy says I am going to play ball. They have a bit of an argument and he says to  his best friend, I hate the fort, your stupid and it’s your fault, this is not fun anymore. He runs after the boy with the baseball bat. They walk off arm in arm.

The boy left with the fort now has choices: He can sit and cry and do nothing. He can run after the one that left and quit building the fort. He can run back inside to his dad and ask him to come out and help him overcome the problem and complete the fort together.

My God wrote this story.  We can only read one word, one page, one chapter at time. I am enthralled by the storyline of my life.

My story is a good story. (Hebrews 12:1)



One Response to “This Story”

  1. Debbie L April 19, 2017 at 6:18 am #

    Amen! Timely post and a reminder, God is in control! Faith, trust and hope for me today as I seek to be obedient!

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