Imagine Easter

31 Mar

“It is Finished”.

Look up at the Cross, look at Him, The One that has suffered unimaginable pain. Hold the crown of thorns in your hands and imagine them pressed into your brow, your scalp. Imagine nails being forced through your palms, through your feet! You feel the need to push yourself up so your hands, nailed outstretched don’t feel the full brunt of your upper weight, but your feet can’t move without searing pain. Your body is bruised and ripped from the beatings.The wind and the sun beating down on you as people yell up with words of hate.

He said He holds all the power to stop it , yet He finished it. He doesn’t just die quietly, but rather He cries out, begging God on behalf of His tormentors. “Forgive them Father, they don’t know what they are doing”.

Imagine looking up at your son on that cross. Longing to stop this, longing for him to die to end his suffering. Your heart stops beating for a moment.

Imagine sitting in a room with all that knew him, trying to make sense of all that just ceased in such a horrific way.

So unsure of what you were waiting for, what was to come next. The questions creeping up, along with fear and mourning. What next? Did it all just end? He told us what would happen but nothing is happening yet, will it? Was it real?

The women come running to tell you that the tomb is empty? Empty? How can that be? What’s going on?

Imagine seeing this room and looking into these hearts with compassion at their weakness. Suddenly! He is there with you. Your fears gone in an instant. Gone. He has returned. Overwhelming Joy fills your heart as the tangible exists, the relief, the love, the intensity of all your fears and anxious thoughts subside, all that worry for nothing.

Easter week from The Last Supper until Christ leaves and the Holy Spirit enters their hearts, is such a powerful story of love, promise, redemption and hope.

He rose on that third day. For you. He suffered all that agony for you. He loves you with a love that is not found within a human heart. A love so pure, and sacrificial.

There is not one creation that wasn’t lovingly created by God himself.

He didn’t just watch or allow His son to die,He arranged and made it happen. Because He loves you. He loves even those that will never love Him in return.

Who can define that kind of Love? Love that doesn’t begin and love that never ends.

All the religions that respect Jesus as a teacher, forget that Jesus said He would do all this ahead of time and that He is the only way to Heaven. He either is exactly that, the son of God, our redeemer, or -He was a liar. Nothing less.

Who would do that for you? Who would you do that for?

You, are accepted, restored, pursued and bought by the blood of this Easter story, our Lord and Savior

No matter what your story has been. Amen

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