Wax On- Wax Off

29 Apr

When The Word of God speaks to us, and the Holy Spirit burns in our heart, it’s hard to not take notice and be obedient.

We must meet Him in His word though and seek His truth. We must practice and guard that constantly because I’ve lost sight of that before!

How far I have come in my 9 years of walking with Him. When I think back; wow. From the soaring heights of peace and joy He took me to, just He and I for 5 years, all the changes He made in me, the lessons I learned- to the spiraling season of chaos, yearning and heartbreak.

When I see my weakness and don’t allow Him to be my strength – He will let my free will lead. He did just that !

I got so much out of the Priscilla Shire live event. It was a huge revelation made up of many pieces from the past few weeks. They are all coming together perfectly.

In my sin nature- I will think I’ve learned enough to start and jump the gun- not wait on God. So impatient! -but I know, If I stay surrendered to His path -I will see the pieces that have yet to be placed. I have learned- I have made this leap before, ahead of Him. It has caused me great sorrow.

The lessons were hard won, the roots of my lack of trust in Him, my hurt that He actually allowed things to happen and didn’t protect me, to having to come full circle – Forgiving Him, forgiving me, forgiving others- to seeing it was my own free will and my disobedience that ignored His words, I stepped outside of His plan for me. Then I spent 3 years wanting Him to bless my lack of faith during my hard times and sin born from the fear of being alone forever. He was enough. I was weak.

I moved forward without His plans in place. I wore His shoes. I allowed my fear to be my folly instead of fear of the Lord to be the beginning of wisdom.

His plan and His timing is so perfect and I’ve learned to trust Him with it. I also trust that seeds were planted in that time for others as well. For God’s great purpose.

As I go from the season behind me to the season He is leading me to, there will be a waiting time. Short or long- who knows- but this I know- I will become impatient- I know me. The waiting is hard on me. I will be anxious and wondering what comes next. He stills me. He stills me with His word. He stills me in my prayer time.

Priscilla spoke right to my heart as she highlighted both Simeon (Luke 2) and his life long obedience in the waiting . She also shared the story of the Karate Kid and Mr Miyagi . Danny got frustrated with the wax on -wax off- the sanding and the painting tasks… but as we look back we see- it was all methodical teaching. I’m in the wax on – wax off season- the between seasons. The past few years no longer haunt me, my sorrow is behind me and the purpose is before me. Just not revealed to me yet. I’m in the waiting for it to come to a boil place; Learning to be content in it will be my challenge.

I will want to take the reins- I’m a girl that gets things done! Patience is not my virtue but it is a fruit of The Spirit dwelling within me. I will grow stronger in my spirit. I see it already. The fruits are becoming ripe. But they aren’t ripe yet. And they will need constant tending. He is a good gardener. I am not.

His word (David’s journey thru Samuel and Chronicles) show that when we sit in quiet obedience, waiting on the Lord, not acting on our own accord, He is victorious on our behalf. He will protect us, He will make our path straight, He will tell us when to go and when to stay.

It doesn’t matter what others say or do. Sin is vertical. Ours and theirs. He has it all within His sights. Stay obedient and trust Him with your path and everyone else’s.

His plans are always perfect, always on time.

In the meantime, He comforts us, he gives us peace. He speaks to us in His word-

“I go before you” and when you’re obedient – all the steps will be revealed. In His timing.

His word tells me to “be still and know”. He is working things out.

If I am willing to obey Him, He will make me strong enough, make me brave and patient enough and I will be blessed in the waiting.

Because of His Spirit that dwells in me. Amen

One Response to “Wax On- Wax Off”

  1. Debbie L April 30, 2018 at 10:03 am #

    Amen and amen!!!
    Such transparency and lessons learned. Why is it always the hard way? Today, we’ve read how David prayed for God to spare his first son with Bathsheba….the heart ache and thankfully his transparency led to the greatest Psalms. But his legacy was passed along to the next great king, a man with an unquenchable appetite for women….
    Anyway, this makes me want to share with you my story of my current woes! I am waiting on the Lord, that I really need a Nathan to come along side me!!!

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