Love, Just Do It

4 Sep

My blessed and beloved Christian brothers and sisters. This is on my heart so big… It isn’t your command to Christianize the world. Your command is to Love. To Love God, to Love your neighbor (believer or not) as you Love yourself.

Your sermon should be your walk.

Are you walking in biblical direction? Are you the peacemaker, the grace giver, the light on a hill, the one that doesn’t forget the lost sheep, what does your faith look like in great trial, are you the one that refuses to gossip, do you have an inner eyeroll when someone is talking, or… are you humble enough to know you haven’t perfected it. are you the one that examines their own heart and not the hearts of others. are you the one that loves your fellow church goers, encouraging them? Are your thoughts the thoughts of God? Did you spent your whole day processing it all through His eyes? Did you seek wisdom.. His thoughts, His desires. Are you fully submitted to the word of God at all times?

I think unless we have it all perfected, we’re not really equipped to stand in judgement of anyone. Matthew 5-7 Sermon on the mount. This broken world that needs us to be on the same page.. desperately..

Do you know what I have discovered? I spend most of my day in communication with God, I begin and end my day in scripture,and prayer.. I listen to Christian music all day.. and still I can’t even trust my own heart to not betray me!

You are not different from me. … You are not different than I am. We can’t do it right. He does. We just need Him.We need Him badly…

Can we remember: It isn’t about the sin, or the sinner, it is about Our Lord! It’s about His amazing love and His incredible gift of Grace. He saved a wretch like me. This wretch that loves Him with all I have to give and still can’t get it all right.

Please…remember.. it is about God’s pursuit of the lost and broken. The non-believers.

If your words do not point to His Glory, I pray for your mouth to not open.


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