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When Evil Seems to Win

30 May

There is an ever present evil in the world. We can see it every single time we open social media or turn on the news. None of us will be spared evil in some fashion.

When your life has been touched by evil, one of the biggest challenges will be to not become embittered in the battle, especially if it seems to not touch the one that caused the harm.

We want things to be fair, and when there isn’t justice, we can lose sight on what actually is true. Evil may seem like it is winning but the truth is, there is no “win” in evil, only destruction.  Evil also loves to seduce in numbers.

Maybe that is the real goal of evil, to make us really question if there is any goodness left, to stop believing in the goodness of the world. Obviously we know the goal of evil is also for us to ultimately question our faith and hope.

Guarding our hearts against bitterness is very important during this battle. Bitterness can choke out the light in us, God in us. It is a daily battle; A war for our souls.

When we filter our thoughts on what has been done, no matter what has been done, we begin the battle of unforgiveness. When we begin to want justice, we begin our battle against bitterness. The battle will be fought in many ways, but at the end of the day, the real battle with be within your own mind, your own heart.

Trials will absolutely always come. Evil will be at times, be very strong against us. It is a spiritual war and a battle for our soul. Evil will come in many forms to wear us down. There will be attacks. There will be slander. There will be times you are or feel all alone in the battle. You will feel overwhelmed, defeated at times and you will want to give up the fight.

That is exactly when we must stay focused and steadfast in our faith. Practicing even what we can’t feel. Trusting in God’s plan for our lives even when it seems so unfair or worse, impossible. Reading His promises even when we can’t seem to believe it fully. He tells us that His word never falls void. Keep reading it.

Evil utilizes comparison, isolation, judgement and fear. The word of God, prayer and steadfast commitment to Him is the anecdote.

God will always triumph. This is His story. Evil doesn’t win. We may not appear to win in this world, but we are not to conform to this world, we are to remain in Him.

Our journey is not really about our success, how we fit in, or what anyone else does, thinks or says about us.  Our journey is to become Holy.

There is only one absolute truth, we are in a vertical relationship with Christ, He and us alone. There will not be anyone else with you when you take your knee at the throne.

When evil mocks you, pray.  Tell Him your wish for justice, He understands. He believes in justice as well. He is also merciful and gave you grace.

Praying not only for your faith to remain steady and confident, but importantly, pray for anyone being used by evil. That is the greatest weapon we have against bitterness.


“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


Trust Factor

16 May

Faith is not for the weak! Faith is hard work!

We tend to blame Satan for everything but he can only creep into the areas we leave vulnerable.

Our trust is vulnerable because it means letting go of our own ability to control outcomes.

Where we place out trust is what shakes us up; It’s what shook the Israelites up.

God is never changing.

He is immutable. Malachi 3:6 says “I the Lord do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed.”

His omnipotent, omnipresent, sovereign reign over our lives never changes. We do.

He loves us beginning to end. Whether we ever choose to love him back.

As believers, as followers of Christ – if we want to mimic Him more – which we are called to do-we have to know where to turn when fear creeps in. Because it will. What to do when our need to know the outcomes creeps in. Because it will.

What is faith in God without our trust. As we weave in and out of trials, we must learn to praise him and trust him at all times.

Trust is the hardest part of faith… thankfully He tells us He sees our heart. If we are seeking after the trust – crying out to Him to help us trust Him, we actually are in good company. Jesus did the same in the garden. He worked it out with His Father. Our father. He was also fearful…and prayed until God helped him utter the words of submission and acceptance.

“Thy will be done. “