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Through The Tears

16 Jul

By Beckie Halaska

The thunder rolls, the rain pours down as I sit in complete still and silence.
I am in awe of our awesome God. His power. His love.

I bring my grief and sorrow to Him and just lay it wide open for Him.

I feel a sense of His presence.  When I can just be still, I become so aware of Him around me. My heart is so full. So overwhelmed.

This is a practice of being aware of Him. Seeking Him.
When I stop being me focused, silence the crazy world and be still, alert, aware of Him, He shows off for me in big ways.

How can I not worship this knowing, protective, worthy, infinite, unchangeable God?

I will never be strong enough.
I will never be loving enough.
I will never be whole enough.
I will never be beautiful enough.
I will never be worthy of His beautiful Grace.

It pours over my heart, my spirit as I soak in His greatness.
It is a free gift He showers on me. Over me
His peace is beyond all understanding.
It is well. Deep within my soul, my heart, it is well.

My beautiful Mom knows this God, this rescuer and lover of our souls as much as I do.
It is all well with her soul. This brings me so much comfort.

She may be preparing her goodbye’s to this world , but her joy has only begun.
As the storm gives way to blue skies, I am so blessed by His love and comfort.

As the tears fall, the sorrow leaves.
Because of Him.

Joy overwhelms me, peace that makes no sense in these circumstances, transcends through my whole spirit.

And I sit in gratitude. Such a good, good Father.



15 Jul

I don’t “hear” His voice. It’s not audible ever to me. But as I drew nearer to Him and started just following prompts I saw Him in it.

It’s a word that stops me in my tracks and I readjust my thinking. It’s someone crossing my mind as I read a certain scripture or hear a certain song. It’s a pressing to do something (most recently in church to go back and ask someone if they needed prayer). It’s someone coming to my mind and just praying for them and letting them know.

It never fails that when I am obedient to those things, it is confirmed. The other person needed Him. Needed encouragement in their battle.

God shows us His presence in a thousand ways and maybe He whispers to us about others, so we have to draw closer to hear Him.